Macbeth and school infirmary

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Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's ghastliest plays, loaded with violence and the supernatural. High school students should love it. Read on to. Richard Parker - The Royal Bengal tiger with whom Pi shares his captor, Richard Parker, named him Thirsty, but a shipping clerk made a mistake and reversed their names.

From then on, at the Pondicherry Zoo, he was known as Richard Parker. The action-packed plot, elements of the occult, modern characterizations, and themes of import to today's world make Macbeth an excellent choice for teaching to high school students.

This study guide offers ideas for presenting Macbeth to a high school class. COURTAULDS formerly Morton Sundour see also Morton Sundour CN p26 CN p5 (illus) CJ p1 CJ p1 ENS p7 CN p11 CN p1.

Lady Macbeth is the bad influence Macbeth has in his life that persuades him into killing King Duncan and rushes into being King.

1: The Weird Sisters

Before Macbeth became paranoid after the brutal death of King Duncan, he was a worthy captain of the kings army.

Macbeth and school infirmary
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