An analysis of the story the stone boy by gina berriault

The sheriff sends the family home. The best writers employ figurative language such as metaphors and similes not just to make their writing sound beautiful or interesting, but to emphasize their ideas and add dimension to their characters.

In addition, the epiphanic ending of the story is even more puzzling than the unanswered questions concerning motivation. After he is turned away by his mother, Arnold suddenly becomes aware of his naked body.

Analysis of “The Stone Boy” Essay Sample

To earn the forgiveness, one night Arnold is about to express himself to his parents about his grief and guilt but his mother just simply turns him down as well as showing reluctant to talk to him. Then the two boys leave the house. The s, when this story was written, is generally regarded as a period epitomized by happy families, economic prosperity, and strong moral values.

Andy and his father and the sheriff had discovered what made him go down into the garden.

The Stone Boy

Yet, he is so accustomed to seeing himself through the eyes of others that he makes no effort to negate this identity and carve out a new one, an identity that feels comfortable to him and aptly reflects his interior self. As Arnold looks at the inert body, Berriault uses a simile to connect Eugie, in death, to the non-human realm of the farm setting: In these movies, the heroes often acted out their antisocial behavior by skipping school or committing misdemeanors.

As Arnold goes between the wires, his gun catches.

The Stone Boy Summary

His father had stared at him in a pale, puzzled way, and it was then he had felt his father and the others set their cold, turbulent silence against him. There was only the same immense silence and crawling inside of him, the way the house and fields must feel under a merciless sun.

Parents feel themselves the principal mourners and those around them do too. In order to not attract attention to himself, Arnold remains in the room with the men, listening to them tell stories about Eugie.

Introduction & Overview of The Stone Boy

Despite the ring of the alarm clock, Eugie continues to sleep, and Arnold feels uncomfortable, as if he—fully awake and dressed—is placed unexpectedly in the superior position.

By the next day, Arnold, too, comes to accept this opinion of himself, and in one heartfelt moment, transforms himself into such a being. She rejects him, sends him back to bed, and he is left only with an insistent silence: Shooting Eugene accidentally, everyone starts changing his or her attitude sharply towards Arnold.The Stone Boy by Gina Berriault Significance of Title Theme The theme of the "Stone Boy" is death.

It is shown not only in the literal death of Eugene, but also the death of the man that Arnold so aspired to be. “The Stone Boy” is a story about a nine-year-old boy who accidentally kills his older brother as they are on their way to the garden to pick peas.

The fact of the accidental killing of Eugie. 1 Gina Berriault The Stone Boy The Stone Boy Gina Berriault Arnold drew his overalls and raveling gray sweater over his naked body. In the other narrow bed his brother Eugene went on sleeping, undisturbed by the alarm clock's rusty ring.

The Stone Boy Homework Help Questions What are the different types of conflicts in the short story "The Stone Boy" by Gina Berriault? I think that one conflict that exists in the story is the conflict between Arnold and his parents upon receiving the news that Eugie is. The Stone Boy study guide contains a biography of Gina Berriault, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

The Stone Boy Summary

Beginning in the s, however, the number of farms in the United States began to dwindle. In a little over 30 million Americans lived on farms. In the farm population had shrunk to around 23 million, and byonly a few years after Berriault wrote “The Stone Boy,” only about million Americans still lived on farms.

An analysis of the story the stone boy by gina berriault
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